Every Week You Will Learn Powerful Principles and Skills, Exercises to Master Your Real Estate Business, and It's All Included with Your Program.

      Week 1 - Commitment, Goals & Targets

Week 2 - Obscurity & Prospecting

Week 3 - The Pitch

Week 4 - Fact Finding

Week 5 - Demonstration

Week 6 - The Close

 Week 7 - Objection Handling

Week 8 - Follow Up


The 10X Real Estate Professional Mentoring Program will teach you the 8 skills you need to master your real estate business and start experiencing the success you deserve. And it’s a fraction of the cost of hiring a personal real estate coach.

To Have a Thriving Real Estate Career and Make Money, You Have to Master the Essential Skills

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Virtual Series for Real Estate Professionals With Grant Cardone


Master the 8 skills you need to thrive in any real estate market.

8-Week Mentoring Program 

to Help You Grow Your Real Estate Business

But how do you do that alone?

Coaches are expensive

It's impossible to know what advice to trust

You’ve worked hard, but don’t see the results

You wish you had a plan to follow

You are tired of waiting for something to happen

You are looking for leadership to follow

-      You want to be confident the plan will w

“I have wasted thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours taking real estate courses. None of them helped me solve the problem of breaking out of obscurity and being able to sign more listings. The coaching I have received through the 10X Real Estate Professional Mentoring Program has already helped me increase my listings and sales.”

Kyle Guthro, Toronto Area Realtor

How can you finally 

experience the success you 

deserve in real estate?

You know online real estate courses are a dime a dozen. You pay for the content. Go through it on your own. And you are left with more questions (and less money) than you started with. You want education, but what you need is a coach.

But coaches are way too expensive.

The 10X Real Estate Professional is all about teaching you the 8 Skills Every Real Estate Professional needs to succeed in their career. If you understand and master these skills, you finally break through the barriers that have been holding you back. You will begin to thrive.


Your 10X Real Estate Professional Mentoring Access Includes

Access to All 8 Weeks of Live Mentoring


Practice Exercises

The 10X Real Estate Professional Community on RESAAS

Video Replays of Each Week


The 10X Real Estate Professional Mentoring Program


ONLY $197


8 Weeks of Live Training with a Coach

Learning the 8 Skills You Need to Experience Success

With a Power Network of Like-Minded Real Estate Professionals

For a Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Coaching


Your Plan for Succeeding in Real Estate

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Get access to 8 weeks of live, expert coaching for $197.

Show up

Each week is packed full of powerful, applicable, and repeatable training

Experience success

Finally experience the success you deserve by mastering these 8 critical skills

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